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Online Indicator Generator

Note: For questions or remarks about the chat, please open a ticket at our support system, or find us on IRC in chatroom #help.


This is the Online Indicator Generator page. The online indicator can be used for example in forum signatures or on a website to indicator your online (or away of offline) status on the Chat4all Network. Use the form below to create your own custom Online Indicator Link. Currently, the Chat4all style only has one 'theme'. The 'mff' theme has more choices.

You can list a total of 4 nicknames. For example your regular nickname (like 'Test'), an away nickname (like 'Test-away') and possible other nicknames you may frequently use. This indicator will only work if the nicknames are registered.

As we currently only have three available themes, we are open for new Online Indicator themes. If you have created a new themeset, or have questions about creating new themes, let us know by posting a message on our Community Forum, or look for Adonix on the Chat4all IRC Network.


Chat4all's standard online indicator currently looks like:

 Chat4all Standard

Small (The background for this is transparant):



 Chat4all Standard

Online Indicator Form
Nicknames (up to 4 possible) :  
Language :   English Nederlands
Theme (choose which images for Mff style to use below) :   Chat4all Small Mff
Style images (only for Mff at this time) :

Online 1

Online 2

Online 3


Away 1

Away 2

Away 3


Offline 1

Offline 2

Offline 3


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